Setting The Mood In Your Conservatory Dining Room February 19, 2023 February 19, 2023 admin

Conservatories are no longer just the occasional rooms that they once were!

In fact, the modern conservatory is probably more commonly considered to be an extension of the day to day living space and can be used in any number of ways, from an extra living room, an office or study, or a dining room. This article aims to take a look at the use of conservatories as a dining room and the way that furniture and accessorising can be used to create the mood for any dining occasion.

Rattan furniture design has needed to evolve in order to keep up with these changes – although the conservatory owning public have the option to use more traditional styles of dining furniture (for example Oak or Pine) in their conservatory, rattan dining furniture is becoming the most popular option.

Why, you may ask? Well there are Rattan Dining Sets  all manner of reasons, such as the technical advantages of cane or rattan over other options, but the focus of today’s post is on the aesthetic values of rattan.

Rattan is an extremely versatile material which can be woven or shaped into a huge array of different looks, making it easy to find a design that will fit into the look of your conservatory. Although it accepts paints and stains just as well as wood, the natural light colour of rattan makes it perfect for a conservatory (which, obviously, is predominantly glass sided in the majority of cases). What this means is that you can really set a mood with the use of additional lighting and dressing of the furniture (and the room in general) very easily with rattan furniture.

In the day time, the bright sunlight provides all the lighting you need, creating a bright and fresh environment perfect for hosting a Sunday afternoon dinner with family. A light coloured floor will help to accentuate the impression and creates a beautiful contrast to the shades of green in the garden outside.

At night, soft lighting used both in the conservatory and in the garden creates a relaxed atmosphere, ideal for a relaxing evening meal and drinks with friends. Some people with gardens that are not shielded from the view of neighbours may not be comfortable in a lit conservatory at night – in these circumstances the use of conservatory blinds can be a huge benefit, allowing you to use your conservatory any time of day or night, with fear if sacrificing your privacy!

This article is written on behalf of Just Dine, a supplier of cane and rattan conservatory furniture [], garden furniture and dining furniture throughout the UK.