The hot topics of the Monster you have to know April 7, 2023 April 7, 2023 admin

You must have some misunderstanding for the top topic of the Monster. The article will give the answer to you. So do not miss the good chance to clarify the misunderstanding.

The name of Monster has strong resounded in music fanciers’ ears in the top HIFI audio industry. The Monster brand is founded by Chinese-American Noel Lee in 1979,Guest Posting it’s the earliest brand for developing the wire of top audio-visual equipment. The Monster is famous for his power filter and the wire, but in recent years the Monster also begins to get involved in the headset design, production and sales, and achieve a great success.

According to Mr. Li’s description, the Monster is a very special company. Although the Monster foots on the headphone market is just past a few years, its growth speed is surprising. The Monster have never set the sales targets and will not set in future, have never said they must reach the first brand, and they do not go into certain market just because of wide prospect of market. The Monster has been holding such a conception: What we want to do is the need of customer.  eula can’t resist monster meat

At first, the Monster produce headphones, purely because Dr.dre thinks commercially available headphones are unable to meet the demand of music he play, so the Monster is special for Dr.dre produce a style of headset and introduce to the market. Because of the style is really so great, the headphone is warmly pursued by the market, both parties continue to work together on headphones products until now.

Many manufacturers like to look for stars as image spokesmen, intend to enhance the brand image, but the Monster has a different viewpoint. Mr. Li introduces, the products of one brand are so much, we think a image spokesman is unable to represent all products. Although we can see that the Monster hands in hand with a lot of famous superstars, such as Lady Gaga, Yao Ming, Justin Bieber, release a series of different products among which each has remarkable characteristics of certain superstar, the Monster have never found any celebrities for promoting product, and there are nearly all stars take the initiative to find the Monster ask for the cooperation.

About the question of HTC purchases the Beats Electronics, Mr. Li said the event really has nothing to do with the Monster. Beats is Beats, the Monster is the Monster, the reason why the HTC purchases the Beats is hoping to use the turning technologies to ascend the voice quality of the mobile phones, but not the Monster will bundle sales with the HTC mobile phones. In fact, the Monster are really have cooperation with HTC, but it is completely another thing. Therefore, the information online that the HTC mobile phone will match the Monster headphones in sale in the near future is pure misinformation, worthy of attention.