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What to Look for in a World of Warcraft Gold Guide

A lot of players find that gathering enough WoW gold for their needs can be difficult. Because of this, they often resort to the many World of Warcraft gold guides available today to help them.

However, because of the many gold guides being offered by Buy wow gold “experts”, people often get confused regarding which ones to trust. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right one:

1) Look for proof – If a World of Warcraft gold guide is truly effective, there should be some sort of proof. Although testimonials can be a great help, they can also be biased.

You have to know that there are people who do fake testimonials in order to make it appear as if they have written one hell of a WoW gold guide. What you need is a video or at least a screen capture of someone who used that guide and has experienced great results.

2) Look for a plan – many WoW gold guides claim to be able to help you gather more gold, but you have to realize that a good guide can only do so by giving you a solid plan of action. The best gold guides can actually tell you which monsters are best for gathering gold.

A great World of Warcraft gold guide will tell you where to find the monsters which you need to kill according to your level in order to gather a lot of gold. It should also offer you different tips regarding how to kill monsters in the fastest way possible in order to gather more gold.

A solid plan of action is essentially what people really want a WoW gold guide for, right? After all, people get guides in order to “guide” them in their actions.

3) Look for a crafting guide – although killing mobs is the main way to gather gold in WoW, it is not the only one. The other way to gather items would be to trade with other players. A great way to increase the value of your gathered items would be to use them as components in crafting other items.

A great World of Warcraft gold guide should contain various tips on which items to craft in order to make sure that you get as much profit as possible. One danger with crafting is the fact that making the item may actually cost you more gold than you’ll make selling it.

Because of this, a good WoW gold guide should actually be able to guide you regarding which items to craft and where to sell them for maximum profit.

4) Look for a leveling guide – you have to realize that gathering gold is not the main object of playing WoW. Well, at least it isn’t if you are not working in a gold farm.

A good WoW gold guide will be able to help you gather the amount of gold you need while leveling properly. Actually, it should point you to killing monsters which give you the maximum amount of both experience points and gold.

Although it is doubtful that you will be able to find the “perfect” leveling guide, looking for these qualities will certainly help you get closer to it. By following the tips above, you should at least be able to find a decent WoW gold guide which will allow you to enjoy the game as much as possible.