Write and Sell Ebooks – Create Targets and Meet Them December 19, 2022 December 19, 2022 admin

Want to write and sell ebooks? Information sells online, so there’s a bonanza in information products. If you can create ebooks, you can create your own home-based business with almost zero in startup costs.

1. Get Your Pick and Shovel: Dig Into the eBook Bonanza

The more you know the more effective you will be in your new business, and the sooner you will start to make money. Do a little research. Find out what others are selling. Some eBook topics sell well, others don’t sell at all. Each eBook you write takes time to produce, therefore it’s important to know that when you write an eBook it will sell.

Remember that you’re not in competition with huge booksellers like Amazon. Generally speaking the ebooks which sell best are focused on niche topics. A topic may not be extensive enough to support the writing of a print book of 100,000 words, but nevertheless make a bestselling eBook of 50 pages.

Here’s a big tip: keep your eBook short.   BONANZAJP No one wants to read 200 pages on a computer screen. Aim to keep your ebooks under 100 pages, and if you can say everything that needs saying in 50 pages, don’t go beyond that.

2. Create a Production Schedule for Yourself

Your first eBook will take longest to produce. This is because you’re feeling your way. Once you’re experienced, you’ll find your next eBook will take much less time. Many eBook writers aim to develop an eBook at least once every couple of months, and some overachievers create a new eBook each month. You can see if you have a schedule like this, you’ll soon be making a very nice income indeed.

3. Out-Source the Tasks You Hate, or Don’t Do Well

You can’t be an expert in everything. It’s a mistake to try. If you try to be an expert writer, graphic designer, and copywriter, as well as website creator, it will take you forever to create one ebook. Just outsource the tasks that take you too long, remembering that your aim is to produce as many eBook information products as possible, to increase your profits.

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