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Fishing is a great sport that can be enjoyed by both recreational fishers, and by those that want to make it a family event by heading out to the family cottage during the summer or just to the lake. Fishing can be relaxing, and it is always nice if you are actually able to catch a few fish to throw onto the fire. But fish stocks in some areas are questionable, and while you may be going out for the relaxation coming home without even one fish is not fun. So how can you increase your odds of catching fish on your next trip? What will make you the fisherman that is a fully armed fish seeking missile? Garmin Striker 7SV with Transducer, 7" GPS Fishfinder with  Chirp Traditional, ClearVu and SideVu Scanning Sonar Transducer and Built  in Quickdraw Contours Mapping Software, 7 inches (010-01874-00) :  Electronics

While sailors have been using marine GPS best fishfinder gps combo under 2000   for years now, fishermen (and women) are starting to rely on marine GPS units that are specialized for finding fish or Fishfinder (also fish finder) GPS.

Basic marine GPS units are manufactured by several companies – Humminbird (common misspellings are Humming Bird and Hummingbird) Fishfinder GPS, Eagle Fishfinder GPS, Garmin, Lowrance Fishfinder, Eagle Fishfinder, and NorCross HawkEye Fish Finder. As you can see the number of manufacturers for fish finder GPS is very small and the leader, based on the number of products and popularity of products based on user feedback on sites like Amazon is Humminbird (there is no ‘g’ in their name) and Garmin.

Like most portable GPS units, fishfinders by and large are portable however many do include mounting brackets for your boat. All are also water proof, so if you happen to get water on it (which is possible since you are on the water) you will not damage the delicate electronics inside. It used to be that all fish finder GPS units were black and white, however today you will find some color units. Virtually all units will include a sonar, which is what is needed to find out where the fish are.

Fish finders work using sonar, they send out a signal (or sound wave) and objects that are in its path “bounce back” letting the device know where the fish are. If the signal doesn’t bounce back right away it will reach the bottom. Soft bottoms like mud and weeds will absorb the signal while harder bottoms will reflect a stronger signal back to the fisn finder. These differences will let you know whether there are any fish in the area you are in.

In addition to all the normal fishing gear you need to make your trip enjoyable (including the beer – drink responsibly) the marine GPS unit or Fishfinder is a must, especially if you do not want to go back to camp empty handed and become the brunt of jokes.

Fishfinder GPS devices are sophisticated underwater devices that are invested for fishing as well as ocean studies. As the name signifies, the fishfinder GPS combo is capable of 2 functions, for example, finding the depth at which fish may be located in the sea and indicating their location on charts.

These devices are of a great help in fishing because oceans are very large and the types of fish that should be caught for consumption tend to migrate seasonally. In addition, there are no landmarks to recognize locations on seas. For this reason, navigational tools such as GPS or Global positioning systems are necessary on any fishing venture.

Without tools like a GPS fishfinder combo, fishermen would have take risks of searching for fish, and not find any on several days, basically losing on fuel and time, the costs that would get added to the cost of fish sold in market stalls. Fish finding technology entails sending some sonar waves into the ocean.

This technology indicates the depth at which fish may be found. Such information is essential as there may be different restrictions, which would hinder the fishermen from capturing fish. For instance, it may not be possible to lower the nets to that depth.

A Gps system, on the other hand uses satellite graphics and signals, and co-ordinates them with time to indicate exactly where such fish may be found. A GPS fishfinder combo is actually a handy device with display screen, it can easily be brought on motorboats and sailing ships. The monitor is normally compacted than the monitor of a computer.

Older units had external antennae and were based on transducers. Recent models have inner antennae and do not use transducers. Depending upon the kind of charts and sophistication of equipment, these devices may cost somewhere between $500 and $2500, as of date. Well known fishfinder GPS devices manufacturers include Garmin, Lowrance, and Humminbird.